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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hi guys,
Thanks again for sticking with me.
Here is a feature poem written by
Caleb Ekpenyong.
   You can follow him on twitter @kleb1905                  
   Happy reading.

In contentment and merriment of heart
A choice made, a path chosen
To cherish, to care, to love, to support
A promise made. Sun, moon and stars stand as witnesses
With ever smiling faces; the cascading beauties look down, seeing perfection in imperfection and imperfection in perfection
Tears and smiles and smiles and tears
Laughter and pain and gloom and joy

Beginnings and endings in pursuit of perfection
Of Sacrifice and Love
Of Condoning, Forsaking and Perseverance
Of Grieving and Letting go
Like Gravity it must pull down
All is gone; it’s but a candle in the wind
A Rose in the wild crystallizing into nothing
Of Radiant beauty touched by a fiery furnace
Of Indecision and Regrets
Of Hope gone and Faith lost
Of the past and haunting pleasant memories
Of things within but always out of reach
Of Pride, Ego and Shame
Of Love lost and lost Joy
Of lost smiles and laughter
A choice made, a path chosen one to another. 

*Inspired by a failed relationship, Bruno Mars' song "When I Was Your Man" and the movie "About Last night".        

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