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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Girl In Traffic

Hi guys, 

    How are you all doing? Here are a few words from a reader, Sekinat Thomas. You can follow her on twitter @skinart3020

  Read and Enjoy. Don't forget to comment and share. 

Her driving is crazily accurate, her calculations are so on point. Looking at her, you'd think she's on the phone with someone with all her constant gesturing.If you were to sit in the car with her, you'd laugh a whole lot at her antics.

Complaining about how Nobody can drive, including herself, eyeing people up and down, cussing other drivers, *why did this a**wipe cut across my lane? He's not even moving.. Kmt! Move, d**khead and a whole lot of other rude words; psycho, oshi and so on*. 

She wishes to have the entire road to herself but also relish the competition, urging slow tired drivers to get a move on; hurrying other drivers by honking in rapid successions at the trucks, danfos, keke napeps  and those stupid awoyaya cab drivers that would overtake only to park in front of one; gritting her yellow teeth or flashing her lights relentlessly. 

You'd wonder how someone who seems so frustrated could drive so effortlessly, making weird calculations and getting them right at every turn. 

Then the hazard lights come blinking on her dashboard.


Upon closer inspection, hot fumes are coming from beneath her hood. Now she's laughing all by herself. Trust a girl to handle a car so right but fail to fill the radiator. Even her jeep is an extreme mess.

What's going on with her? I wonder...

Oh yeah, the girl is me and i don't take care of my car *shrugs*... can't even change my tires.

...Even my mechanic is tired of my calls


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